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Managed Services

Let us find the right Managed Service Provider for you. Managed Services has come a long way in the past 20 years, Managed Service Providers take care of the mundane tasks that you don't want to pay someone else to do. 24/7 Monitoring, Patching, Backup and Recovery services, all to help you run your business more efficiently. All of your internal equipment will fail eventually, having a team of people looking after your infrastructure to make sure you are always up gives you peace of mind.

Managed Hosting

Let us find the right Managed Hosting Provider for you. Managed Hosting takes 90% of your internal infrastructure to the cloud. Servers, websites, databases, and backups all safe, secure, and at your disposal when you need it. Managed Hosting Providers can take care of HIPAA and PCI requirements and some will even sign BAA's to help protect you in event of a breach. You still need someone who will administer and run those servers for you which is where a Managed Service Provider can help.

Staff Augmentation

Let us find the right person for you. When Managed Services and Managed Hosting doesn't work for you there are a plethora of skilled IT professional, finding the right one can be daunting. How well do you know your own infrastructure, what question do you ask a potential candidate to find out if they are the right person to take over your IT operations? Let us find that right person for you. We will learn your infrastructure to find make sure the right person finds you.


Running your own business doesn't have to be expensive

  • 1997-2001

    In the NAVY

    While serving in the military I learned 2 important things:
    A small team of motivated individuals can beat a much larger, well-provisioned adversary and after you have the right people assembled, get out of their way.
    Having a plan is the first step, having the right people behind the plan, and having the right tools will make the plan a reality.

  • 2002-2006

    The Learning Years

    After the military I had the luxury of going to college and not having to work thanks to the GI Bill. So instead I did a lot of internships. About this time MSP's were starting to pop up. I worked for a couple, learning and applying what I learned in college. Convincing companies to put their trust in the hands of someone they really didn't know was the challenge. Companies were comfortable with internal IT however a lot were paying too much for their internal people and automation could replace a lot of those jobs saving the company time and money. I will help you find the right MSP for your company.

  • 2007-2012

    The Cloud

    Working as an independent contractor took me all over the United States. I worked in data centers, small mom and pop shops and fortune 500 companies. I pretty much lived in the air ports. One of the companies was a managed hosting company. Much like managed services took care of your internal office equipment, hosting companies moved your harder to maintain and manage server to their datacenters. This also provided a huge cost savings for companies, not having to replace hardware and not worrying about licensing. I will help you find the right hosting company for your company.

  • 2013-2016

    Putting It All Together.

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